Body Piercing in Ancient Times and Nowadays

Body piercing is ancient type of body modification. Ancient tribes and civilizations pierced their bodies as well as royal persons during Victorian Era. India with its tradition of nose piercing and Western World continue the trend of body decoration nowadays.

There have always been many reasons for people to pierce their body. Nowadays they may do it for conformity, for self expression, for beauty, for tradition and for other reasons. And it doesn't really matter what the reason is if the person feels attractive and comfortable with a healthy and good-looking piercing.

Ear lobe piercing is the most common and popular type of female and male piercing. Nowadays the piercing of earlobe is considered not only the sign of feminine elegance and grace just like with women of England during the Elizabethan era but fashionable and statement for men as well. Other types of ear piercing such as industrial and helix, orbital and rook piercings are less popular though widespread among rock culture.

Nose piercing is popular not only among Western and American civilizations but it is still done in tribes of India and the Middle East. Tribal male leaders pierced noses to display their power and wealth. Lip piercing in the ancient world was done for stretching, as respectful gestures to the gods and as cultural symbols. Nowadays lip piercing is considered fashionable statement to attract attention to the face and especially the lips. Tongue piercing was a part of the ritual of gods' honoring in the ancient world and nowadays tongue piercing jewelry is worn because it's considered cool, fashionable, sexy and attracting. Some people find it great to kiss and not only with people with pierced tongues. Nipple and genital piercing is becoming more and more popular nowadays as people are seeking for new emotions, feelings and experiences in bed and not only.

If you don't have piercing yet but want to, choose the place of your body that you want to make more attractive and the type of piercing that will be safe. If you have large and attractive lips, lip piercing may be too many and elegant silver nose studs will attract attention to your face and will look nice. It depends on your individual characteristics and on your preferences. Choose the starter material according to your organism reaction on definite metals. Titanium and stainless steel piercing jewelry are considered the best choice for new piercing as well as for long-time wear.

You are an individual and you need to express yourself. If piercing is your way, just go for it and remember to take care of your health and choose matching piercing jewelry to look great and not to have too much. Good luck!