Sterling Silver Earrings - The Choice of Celebrities

Silver earrings suit almost any outfit and look great with dark colors. The contrast creating with darkish clothes and silver earrings makes an effective fashion statement. Look at celebrities- if they choose dark colors of clothes, they definitely wear silver earrings. Sandra Bullock, for example, has been seen wearing silver chandelier earrings more than once.

Celebrities with Nose Piercing

What celebrity doesn't have body piercing? Look at Elisabeth Hurley, Billie Joe Martin, Janet Jackson, Pink, Fantasia, Joss Stone, Alyssa Milano and Scarlett Johansson- they all have their body pierced in one or several places.

Celebrities with Body Piercing

Over the last few decades body piercing has grown in popularity and this popularity and acceptance of body piercing by the world and mainstream America gave celebrities some kind of permission to express themselves and have no fear to be branded undesirable. Body piercing has many types and some celebrities have one pierced part of the body while others have several piercings. What celebrities have belly button piercing?

Who Sets the Fashion Trends?

Modern world and life in it requires from each person who wants to achieve his goals and be successful a lot of skills, energy and the ability to change oneself and the world around according to new social requirements, scientific progress and of course fashion trends. The last are dictated by popular designers who had reached their popularity many years ago or have just appeared on the modern stage of fashion. But who wears the things created by these skillful artists and creative workers of the world of fashion? Whom do thousands and millions of people see each day?

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