Celebrities with Nose Piercing

What celebrity doesn't have body piercing? Look at Elisabeth Hurley, Billie Joe Martin, Janet Jackson, Pink, Fantasia, Joss Stone, Alyssa Milano and Scarlett Johansson- they all have their body pierced in one or several places.

And the most widespread type of piercing for celebrities as well as all people is nose piercing. Such persons as Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Mary J Blidge, Tupac Shakur and Sinead O'Connor have nose piercing. And not only the mentioned singers and actors but lots of popular and talented persons pierce the nose.
What does nose piercing mean for celebrities? Just have one more look at them- do you see how the nose piercing accentuates their sexuality? For male celebrities it represents sexual aggression and male like qualities while for females the nose piercing accentuates their feminine beauty.
The celebrities mentioned above have nostril piercing but there is one more popular type of this body modification called septum nasal piercing. Model Sybil Buck, singer Witherspoon, rockers Taylor York and Hayley Williams have septum piercing.
The choice of studs and rings for celebrities with pierced nose depends on their taste and the chosen style. Platinum and gold nose rings with precious and semi-precious stones are the most popular among actresses, models and other celebrities. While the common styles include screws, labrets and rings in surgical steel and titanium.