Dangling Belly Button Rings

Belly button piercing jewelry is so popular nowadays that any person can easily find the ring perfectly matching her (or his) lifestyle, outlook and type of navel. There are some classical navel rings that have always been popular such as curved barbells with colourful balls at the ends or, for example, navel rings with acrylic balls. But we want to talk about the most elegant and sexy type of navel piercings jewelry - dangling belly rings.
Stylish belly rings with balls are available in various designs but you won't find more diversity than in dangling navel rings. You can choose from thousands of variations and your belly ring with dangle in almost any imaginable shape and style will make your belly look great. You can go for pendants, charms, beads, logos, gems and what not on your belly ring. By the way, it visually stretches the waist zone and you can look slenderer with lovely dangle navel ring.

Chandelier belly button rings really remind the chandelier and their classical antique elegance is charming. The size of sophisticated pendants with numerous beads or gems varies and you may choose big dangle as well as tiny one. Chandelier navel rings are loved by most women due to their elegance and classical beauty.
Animal dangling belly button rings are also extremely popular nowadays. You may choose the ring with an animal of your zodiac sign or just your favourite animal. Most people associate themselves with some bird, animal or insect and each of these creatures has reach symbolism. Frog symbolizes fertility and dreaming, horse is a symbol of freedom and grace, dragon symbolizes courage and balance, snake is a symbol of intellect and awareness and cat symbolizes independence and watchfulness. And you may enjoy your animal dangling from a stylish belly ring in different materials and colours. Dolphin dangling belly rings are usually available accented with beautiful gems or crystals.
Do you like gemstone navel jewelry? Gems are available in all colours of the rainbow and you can easily find your favourite to enjoy. Topaz belly buttons and diamond belly button rings are the most popular. And it's not surprising because the beauty of these precious stones is amazing and striking.
And, of course, romantic dangles. Dangling heart belly ring is gorgeous classics of moving navel jewelry that is loved by girls and women all over the world. What part of the body does a woman use almost always? It is her heart.
Moving navel ring gives a woman special feeling that is difficult to describe but it does. When you move and the part of your dangling navel ring moves with you, you feel great and your belly won't stay unnoticed if you want it.
So, if you want to feel stunning and elegant, to enjoy the jewelry you wear and to feel comfortable, choose dangling belly button ring here!