Ear Piercing and Ear Jewelry

If you ask piercer, person from the street or a school girl: What is the most popular type of piercing nowadays? you'll hear one and the same answer and it will be ear piercing. Though we should remember that ear piercing is not so simple as before. In ancient world slaves were branded with ear piercing, rich and powerful people of ancient Egypt and Rome pierced the ears to show their wealth and social status. There were numerous reasons for people to pierce the ears through the history. Nowadays a little girl can have ear piercing as well as a man or a teen-boy can wear one earring in the ear and it's socially acceptable and fashionable. But of course we shouldn't forget about the risks which grow together with the varieties of ear piercings.
Earlobes were the common place of piercing location before. Later people began getting several and even multiple ear lobe piercings. Some even have piercings all the way from cartilage to the lobe. Today cartilage piercing is quite popular and this popularity is growing. The most standard cartilage piercings are tragus piercing, rook piercing and helix piercing. Snug piercing, conch piercing, daith piercing and anti-tragus piercing are rather complicated piercings of cartilage. Industrial piercing involving a barbell that spans from one side of the upper cartilage to the other side is also really popular lately. What we should know about ear piercing of cartilage is that they heal longer. The higher the piercing is located, the longer it will heal. Usually it takes about 6-8 weeks for ear cartilage piercings to heal.

extreme ear piercing

Earlobe piercing may be pierced with stud as well as with ring while cartilage piercings are recommended to be first pierced with stud and later any other jewelry can be worn. If we speak about earlobe piercing jewelry, we should mention the widest choice of jewelry including not only studs but dangling earrings of any length, hook earrings that are really safe and won't easily fall out, cuff earrings clinging the earlobe. Thread earrings are thin chains slipping through the piercing. Ear piercing jewelry includes captive bead rings with a safe and comfortable ball closure, large gauge flesh plugs, circular barbells and others.

What about the permanent piercings? They don't allow you to clean the piercing properly and the idea of bacterial and toxic infections becomes more real. Earlobe piercing is less likely to be infected but any type of piercing requires proper care. Cartilage types of piercing are more likely to heal longer and get infected. But if the piercing is done with sterile piecing needle and other sterile equipment by professional piercer and you follow all the aftercare recommendations, everything should be all right. And you'll enjoy beautiful and healthy piercing with stylish ear jewelry rather soon.