Gift Ideas for Boys aged 12 to 18

If you are searching for the gift for your son, nephew, grandson or friend aged 12 to 18, here is some advice for you. During this period much changes. Boys change their interests and grow out of their clothes very fast. It's better to ask him for Wish List to avoid miss affair.
So, what is important for the boy aged 12 to 18?

  • Social interaction. They like to spend time with classmates, friends and girls playing something new and interesting. Consider card games, chess set, board games such as Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly, Lego, badminton set, table tennis or backgammon.
  • Virtual interaction. Boys are always crazy about computer and everything connected with it. Consider the newest challenging computer game, laptop, headphones, X box, Wii, play station, computer with internet access and joysticks.
  • Time spent out of door. They need to have a place where they can stay alone or spend time with friends and it must be not only their room. Bike, tree house, tent, trampoline, scooter and in-line skated will do nicely.
  • Music and TV. He definitely has favorite band he is listening to or wants to play in his own band. Consider iPod, karaoke system, jukebox, keyboard, drums, guitar, CD and DVD.
  • Individual sports. Probably he is already good at some sport and then you may choose equipment such as balls, racquets, uniform, etc. Or he needs lessons by professional coach or by family. Consider bridle, riding boots, saddle, brush and blanket for horse riding, for example. It may also be accessories for squash, athletics, golf, tennis or sailing.
  • Team sports. You can invite his friends over to play his favorite sport game or give special outfits and accessories for it (soccer, rugby, baseball, basketball and cricket are the most popular among boys aged 12 to 18).
  • Time spent on the beach. Consider surfboard, skim board, beach bag, towel, swimsuit, spray on sunscreen, sunglasses, wristband or anklet.
  • Clothing. They need comfortable clothing yet it should make them look stunning and attractive. Many boys dress in some definite manner to show their belonging to a particular group. And before buying clothes for him, you'd better ask what style he prefers. Consider such outwear as T-shirts, jackets, denim jeans, trainers, etc.; accessories including scarf, watch, belt buckle, cap, hat, chain wristband and other jewelry.
  • Learning. They need to get life skills- to drive a car, how to scramble eggs, safely change a light bulb, use a screwdriver, etc.
  • Communication. Acting class or language class will be nice presents.
  • Reading. Consider magazine subscription, comic books, puzzle books or books on his interests and hobbies.