Gift Ideas for Boys aged 5 to 12

It's not always easy to choose the gift for your friend or child and to make nice gift that will be appreciated we should consider age characteristics and sex. Here are some pieces of advice for those who are searching for the gift for the boy age 5 to 12.
Boys age 5 to 8 are developing communication skills at school and they like to spend hours in unconstructed play and enjoy active sports. Boys age 8 to 12 enjoy more structure in their activities and their preferences become more obvious.
So, boys like:

  • To look cool at school. Consider stylish backpack, diary, leather wallet, snack box, newest pencils and pens, folders and pencil case. They will be glad to receive a stylish ring or bracelet.
  • To dress without fuss. They always have something to do and have no time to wear well and notice what they are wearing. Consider denim jeans, fashionable trainers, T-shirts and sweatshirts with his favorite sportsmen, hero, cartoon character or movie star.
  • To share the experience. Modern world consists of communication at far distances. And even if his friend lives next door, they are happy to sit at home and communicate on-line. Consider internet access, mobile phone, interactive computer games, Skype or camera.
  • To choose hairstyle. When a boy has free time, he would probably experiment with his hair. Consider brush, comb, cool hair gel and spray or money for haircut.
  • To get around. Consider scooter, bike and accessories such as puncture proof tube, helmet, pump, light) or skateboard (knee and wrist guards).
  • To play tennis. Consider lessons, balls and racquet.
  • To play Soccer/ football/rugby. Consider shin protection, ball, jersey, registration, shorts.
  • To swim. Consider towel, swimsuit, coaching, goggles.
  • To play baseball. Consider uniform, ball, bat, gloves and cap.
  • To ride a horse. Consider lessons, helmet, saddle, boots and even horse.
  • To do athletics. Consider vest, shorts and running spikes.
  • To do fishing. Consider sinker/hook/line, bait, zinc cream, etc.
  • To sail. Consider lessons, sunglasses, zinc cream, flotation jacket and skiff.
  • To ski. Consider sunscreen, sunglasses, skis, snow jacket/pants.
  • To play computer games. X Box, play station, computer or laptop and accessories, games and joystick will make him really happy.
  • To relax. Consider DVDs, sleeping bag and trundle bed.
  • To construct things. Action figures, Lego and Balsa wood airplanes will do nicely.
  • To listen to music. CD player, iPod, DVD's and CD's would be perfect gifts.
  • To read. Consider subscription magazine, new and interesting books and comics.
  • To make things move. He'll enjoy battery controlled racing car, battery operated sailing boat or train set.
  • To paint and sketch. Consider brushes, pastels, paper, pencils and paints.
  • To learn. What does he like most? Acting classes, play in band, languages, sport or cooking. Choose the classes for his interest.
  • To spend time cheerfully with his family and friends. Consider sporting event tickets, movie pass, concert tickets, etc.