Gift Ideas for Girls aged 12 to 18

Girls of all ages love presents as well as other people. And to make her really happy, you should consider what she likes, what her hobby is and what she wants to get on her birthday. Girls aged 12 to 18 have lots of emotional and physical energy and most of them are not sure what to do with it. They like to experiment with new manners and looks and need to feel secure in family and to be with a group of friends. If you are searching for a nice gift for your 12-18 aged sister, daughter, niece or friend, here are some pieces of advice for you.
At the age of 12 to 18 girls like:

  • To experience with new looks. To indulge her current fashion inspiration, consider outer and under fashion as well as accessories and jewelry. She will be happy to receive a stylish hair band, belt, backpack or handbag, ladies watch or hair slides. A skirt, jeans, dress, shirt, coat, trainers, boots and other clothes and shoes will do nicely. She will also enjoy receiving lovely nightdress, bath robe, bra and panties, slippers and singlet. Elegant or black design jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets or piercing jewelry will make her happy.
  • To communicate. Headphones, laptop or computer, memory stick, joystick, mobile phone and accessories will be great presents.
  • To decorate. Consider nice cushions, curtains, lamp, vase, poster, corkboard for wall, rug or picture. Art pencils, canvas and paints will also do.
  • To learn. She may be interested in cooking, languages, dancing or acting. Give her lessons on her interests and she will appreciate it.
  • To play and to exercise. Uniform, equipment and lessons for gym, beach and swimming-pools, organized sports and pony club would be great.