Gift Ideas for Girls aged 18 to 21

Searching for gift ideas for girls aged 18-21? Here are some. Young women aged 18 to 21 are often full of potential and vibrant. Their energy is directed on people and the world and they want to find their place in this world. A girl of 18-21 wants to be attractive and her dreams and potential are rather high. So, let's think what a girl aged 18-21 is interested in:

  • Communication and music. You can buy her a mobile she wants to have or give her the most of the sum for it. Mobile accessories such as hands free attachment for car, mobile wallet or stand for the desk will be good. Laptop, blackberry, computer with internet access will make perfect presents. Consider also graphic design software, iPod, sets of CDs or DVDs. You can buy her tickets to her favorite rock band, ballet or symphony concert.
  • Accessories for lifestyle. Any young woman will be glad to receive a large tote bag with pockets for all the equipment and stuff. Consider hair combs, sunglasses, watch, business card case, wallet and cosmetic purse. Fashion items will do nicely- silver anklet, diamond studs, gold chain or necklace, elegant ring or pendant.
  • Pampering products and makeup. She will love mascara/eyeliner, nail varnish, lipstick, hair perfume, foundation, face mask, cleanser, shower gel, electric toothbrush and makeup window. Consider a voucher for manicure, facial massage or day spa session. She will be happy to receive a makeover and photo session.
  • New clothes. If you know her favorite style, color, store and dress size, you can give her a nice item to update her wardrobe. For casual wear think of sweater, jacket, shirt, jeans, skirt, Crocs, stretchy sports gear or long pants. Don't forget about underneath because it is also important for women. Elegant bra, camisole, nightdress, slippers and leggings will be great.
  • Health and sports. Consider sports towel, gym membership, gym bag, sport shoes, camping gear, first aid kit, bike, hand weight, yoga lessons and mat. To keep to a healthy diet, give her cooking classes and basic equipment. A great idea is vouchers to new sports such as scuba diving, white water rafting, indoor rock climbing, gliding or clay pigeon.
  • Dances. Dancing shoes, stretchy leggings, dance music or dance classes.
  • Travel. Consider travel equipment such as GPS, large backpack, cabin sized bag, ticket home and away.
  • Learning. Musical instruments, sheet music and lessons would be great.