Gift Ideas for Girls aged 5 to 12

Everybody likes to receive presents and we especially wait for something great for our birthdays. It's not always easy to choose the right gift for our relatives and friends. And here are some pieces of advice for those searching for the gift for girls aged 5 to 12.
Girls of the age 5 to 8 are socializing, starting school and their preferences and tastes are just developing. They try themselves in sports, dances, music and other activities. The preferences of the girls aged 8 to 12 are already more defined. They probably belong to the group that has similar preference sin music, clothes and activities.
So, choosing the gift for 8 to 12 year old girl, think about the things she likes:

  • To try new hairstyles. For all girls it's important to look good and they try to find the best variant of haircut and hairdo. Consider hair gel and spray, comb, brush, decorative bands/slides/clips and elastics.
  • To dress like their role model. Stylish skirts, shorts, T-shirts, jeans, dresses, underwear, leggings, tights, boots, shoes and socks will do. You can help your little girl to form her style and add something new to her outlook. You can correct something she likes and you don't without conflicts.
  • Jewelry. Any girl enjoys wearing stylish earrings, elegant necklace, magnificent rings and other lovely jewelry.
  • To look cool at school. Remember that nice time when you enjoy every new and interesting pen and pencil, enjoy holding it in your hand and writing something down in a nice diary. She lives the same moments right now. Consider stylish backpack, pencil case, snack box, diary, ruler, pens, pencils, folders, wallets and laptop.
  • To share the experience. She needs to be always available as everybody nowadays. Young girls are crazy about talking to best friends on the phone and searching for something new in the Internet. So, she will be happy to receive internet access, mobile phone, camera, cute sticky notes or notepaper, corkboard for her bedroom and interactive computer games.
  • To read. Subscription magazine and newest books will be nice presents.
  • To play board games. Time in play with friends and family is loved by almost all girls and she will be happy to receive Pictionary, Monopoly, cards, chess, poker set or backgammon.
  • Listening to music. DVD player, iPod, CD player, CDs and DVDs with her favorite band or singer.
  • To redecorate her bedroom. Consider pictures, sheet set, book shelves, cute pillows, dressing table and accessories, decorative hooks and mirror.
  • To get around. She will definitely like pony, skateboard, scooter, bike and accessories including basket, helmet and lamp.
  • To play tennis. Consider balls, racquet, bag and lessons.
  • To swim. Consider swimsuit, goggles, towel and bag.
  • To play softball/baseball. Gloves, bat, ball and team uniform will do.
  • Ballet. Give her leotard, shoes, leggings, tights and tutu.
  • Pony. Membership of pony club, saddle, boots, jacket, cap, jodhpurs and pony itself will be great presents.
  • To learn. It can be cooking lessons, apron, mitts, books and decorative cookie cutters as well we making clothes lessons and cottons, sewing machine, wool, cross stitch, knitting needles, basket and thimble.
  • To dance. Dance classes will be great.
  • Art. If she is interested in art, give her easel, canvas, brushes, water or acrylic paints, books and painting classes.
  • To play or to learn to play musical instrument. Piano, violin, drums, flute or guitar lessons and instrument will make perfect present.
  • Events with friends and family. Consider circus tickets, day at the zoo, movie pass, tickets to concert of her favorite band or to sport event.

Events with the family and friends: movie pass, concert tickets, day at the zoo, circus tickets, tickets to sporting events