Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

If you are searching for the gift for a man who has everything, you need much time and efforts to find the gift he will appreciate. Of course, if hew wants something, he will go and buy it if he hasn't already. And the fact that everything he wants he probably already has, puts you in a sticky situation. Of course, you can just go to the special store where they have all imaginable sorts of gifts for the men who have everything but this not personalize gift won't be special for him. He won't tell you anything negative receiving a gift and will thank you but then he will probably put your gift into the wardrobe hoping that you'll never ask him about it. What to do when it seems there are no ways out and variants? There is at least one!
Find the thing which is particularly difficult to find and which is along his tastes. For example, he collects good wine and you have an opportunity to buy the bottle from a small winery he hasn't had yet- that is what you need. It also concerns other drinks.
If he loves definite jazz composer or singer, you can find the disc he lacks in his collection.
If he has a boat and loves it passionately, find something for his lovely "girl" and it will please him and help enjoy the time spend on it.
You can consider the sketch or a unique picture showing some period of his life or something he loves very much.
If you have seen a fine jewelry on him and know what other accessory or a jewelry piece will match it greatly, it will be a good gift.
If you have little information about his hobbies and lifestyle, call his close relatives, friends or loved one and ask for some additional info and advice.
Try to put some thought into your gift and he will appreciate it. If you'll find the thing he loves but can't find or has no time to search for, you'll achieve your goal.