How to Choose a Bracelet

If you are shopping for a bracelet as a gift for your relative or friend, it can take plenty of time and can be rather difficult. There are so many styles, designs and prices to choose from. There are so many things you should be expert in to buy a memorable and high quality bracelet- best brands, what style goes with the person, how to tell the real gem from the fake one, etc. Here are some tips and steps for you to make the choice of bracelet easier and more comfortable for you and better for your budget as well.

  • Design of the bracelet. You should know if the bracelet will be with pointed edges or streamlined, how heavy it will be, if it will be accented with gems or CZ. Here are some pieces of advice for you: 1) avoid too heavy bracelets and the instances where the metal is too thin; 2) make sure that the prongs used to mount the gems (if there are any) are not to thin and are sturdy; 3) make sure the designs of the bracelet are damage proof to avoid loss of strength and luster too soon.
  • Your budget. Decide and stick to the budget and shop for the bracelet that doesn't go over it or goes in the limits of 10 per cent.
  • Metal of the bracelet. The choice of materials for all kinds of designs for bracelets is really huge. Decide if you want to buy expensive and heavy gold bracelet or much cheaper and still heavy silver bracelet, for example. Platinum, white and yellow gold and sterling silver bracelets are all in great demand nowadays.
  • Gems. Decide whether the bracelet will have any gems or not. If you shop for gemstone bracelet, make your choice of the gem. Your decision can be based on the person's birthstone or the one matching the color of her eyes or clothes.
  • Quality of the bracelet. Demand only well crafted bracelets. Avoid buying the bracelet if you notice that: 1) luster is low quality; 2) the price is cheaper than it should be for good quality bracelet; 3) links are badly connected; 4) the mount of the gems can be easily bent open.
  • Color and size. The color of the bracelet should match the wardrobe and sterling silver bracelet is the most popular choice because it generally matched almost all outfits. And the size depends on the size and the width of the person's wrist.
  • Brand of the bracelet.

I hope, these tips will help you in your search and you'll find the perfect bracelet!