How to Choose a Necklace

If you are shopping for a necklace as a gift to your relative or friend, it's crucial to pick the one fitting the taste and style of the person. To make the right choice, it's important to know what necklace works with a definite type of woman and what doesn't. The choice should also depend on the occasion for the wearing of the necklace. Do you want her to wear it at work or during special occasions? Consider the preference, taste, dress style and other characteristics of the person. And here are some tips on how to choose a necklace:

  1. The budget. Decide how much you want to spend for the necklace and of you find something special you can let yourself spend at about 10 per cent more than you've planned. Remember that necklaces are usually expensive and if you want to buy gold necklace it will require a large sum.
  2. The style of the necklace. Figure out what design and style of the necklace will fit the person. There choice is huge- uniform necklace, choker, princess necklace or any other. Princess necklace, for example, will fit the women wearing clothes with high necklines while V-necks clothes and off-shoulder tops will look great with a collar necklace.
  3. Consider the lifestyle of the person. If she loves to go out and often visits formal dinners, she will definitely appreciate opera necklace. If she is career women, a matinee necklace will do nicely.
  4. The material. It is another important factor for your choice. Silver necklace looks great with almost any outfit and if you don't know the wardrobe of the person well, a sterling silver necklace would be the best choice. You should also decide whether the necklace will be decorated with gems or won't. Choose her birthstone or her favorite gem.