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How to Look Great in Backless Dress

Backless evening dresses are in great vogue in this year and if you have the body for it, you can create an elegant and sexy outlook. Here is some guidance on how it's better to wear a revealing dress with no back. To make the best impression, read the following tips and I'm sure you'll appreciate several pieces of advice given below.

How to Choose a Bracelet

If you are shopping for a bracelet as a gift for your relative or friend, it can take plenty of time and can be rather difficult. There are so many styles, designs and prices to choose from. There are so many things you should be expert in to buy a memorable and high quality bracelet- best brands, what style goes with the person, how to tell the real gem from the fake one, etc. Here are some tips and steps for you to make the choice of bracelet easier and more comfortable for you and better for your budget as well.

How to Choose a Necklace

If you are shopping for a necklace as a gift to your relative or friend, it's crucial to pick the one fitting the taste and style of the person. To make the right choice, it's important to know what necklace works with a definite type of woman and what doesn't. The choice should also depend on the occasion for the wearing of the necklace. Do you want her to wear it at work or during special occasions?

Tips on the Choice of Your Wedding Dress

Wedding day is one of the most special days in the life of a woman and she needs to feel like a real princess at her wedding. The bride takes 80 per cent of attention and it's important to be perfect. Everybody's eyes will be fixed on the jewelry, hair, make-up and the wedding dress of the bride. Among everything that should be prepared for the wedding, the dress is the most important thing. And here are some tips you could use choosing the wedding dress.

Dangling Belly Button Rings

Belly button piercing jewelry is so popular nowadays that any person can easily find the ring perfectly matching her (or his) lifestyle, outlook and type of navel. There are some classical navel rings that have always been popular such as curved barbells with colorful balls at the ends or, for example, navel rings with acrylic balls.

Body Piercing in Ancient Times and Nowadays

Body piercing is ancient type of body modification. Ancient tribes and civilizations pierced their bodies as well as royal persons during Victorian Era. India with its tradition of nose piercing and Western World continue the trend of body decoration nowadays.

Ear Piercing and Ear Jewelry

extreme ear piercing
If you ask piercer, person from the street or a school girl: What is the most popular type of piercing nowadays? you'll hear one and the same answer and it will be ear piercing. Though we should remember that ear piercing is not so simple as before. In ancient world slaves were branded with ear piercing, rich and powerful people of ancient Egypt and Rome pierced the ears to show their wealth and social status. There were numerous reasons for people to pierce the ears through the history.

Three Basic Jewelry Pieces for a Woman

Jewelry is endless interest of almost any woman. We like to wear jewelry, to buy it, to admire the jewelry of popular designers and celebrities. We need to accentuate definite parts of our body with elegant jewelry pieces and to create unique and well-looking style. There are so many jewelry pieces and types nowadays that it's impossible to wear every type at the same time. There must be a style and elegance in everything we put on and two pieces or three pieces of jewelry is enough to look attractive and not to overdo.

Why do we still wear watches

Watches have been essential part of human's life for many years but do we need them nowadays in the world of cell phones and computers? The answer is Yes. We still wear watch and there are lots of reasons for it.

Toe Rins Fashion

If you want to add extra sparkle to your feet and individuality to your sandals, toe rings are what you need! A toe ring is an essential accessory for summer and spring which is a part of jewelry fashion nowadays but it has a long history.

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