Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Woman You Love

The woman you love deserves best things, flowers and the best quality jewelry. If you want to make unforgettable gift to win her heart, it should be something special. You should carefully choose the material she likes and has no allergy on. The most important thing is that you should avoid plastic and fake. If your loved one will get the green ears or rash round her neck together with your jewelry gift, it will be bad, really bad.

If you aren't sure in her jewelry preferences, consider classic jewelry. First of all, it may be sterling silver jewelry that matches any occasion and event, white gold jewelry or platinum jewelry. Antique design jewelry is always a good choice. She won't wear it every day but will be happy to wear your gift for special occasions. Sterling silver diamond necklace and diamond drop earrings would be perfect.
If you want to give her a ring (not engagement, I suppose), you'd better take her friend with you. She will definitely know or have possibility to find out her finger sizes and will help you in choosing the ring perfectly meeting her needs. Some women prefer plain silver CZ ring while others would choose large flower design ring with large gems.
Consider her lifestyle. For example, don't buy her expensive dangle earrings if she works with small children who can just give a pluck at and break them or damage her ears. And if she is a business woman, consider classical and plain yet chic and elegant jewelry.
Women rarely allow spending much money on such jewelry as silver gemstone anklet or gold toe ring. But any will be happy to receive such jewelry gift.
May be she believes in mysterious powers of gemstones. Find out what her favorite or her birthstone is and shop for gemstone jewelry. It's better to choose small stone jewelry for every day wear and large stone jewelry sets for special events.
You can find out necessary information during simple conversation about others or watching TV or movie.
And remember that not only the jewelry gift is important. You should also put it in the jewelry box of immense beauty. Nowadays they are available in all imaginable materials and are designed for definite types of jewelry. If you want to surprise her, you ay try to personalize the jewelry box. It's up to your imagination.
Don't try to save money because she will fell it. If it's supposed to be the gift that will show how much you love her and make her feel happy, your jewelry gift for the woman you love will probably be really expensive. But the words you say and the way you behave are even more important.