The List of Women's Top Jewelry Necessities

Jewelry is the mysterious world for some people and the magic world of happiness for others. Any woman has her own jewelry necessities regardless of her style and taste. But we probably can make the list of woman's top jewelry necessities.

Simple silver stud earrings. A classical pair of stud earrings with a sparkling crystal looks like real diamond one and will match almost any occasion and outlook. CZ stud earrings are a nice choice. Such earrings are perfect for young mothers who should better avoid dangle earrings during the definite period of their life because there is a risk that the child will just give a pluck at them. Stud earrings are also perfect for young girls.
Elegant chain bracelet. The metal of bracelet should match the metal of the necklace if any is worn. Wearing bracelet or bangle we feel more glamorous and dressed up. Classical slim gold bracelet or charmed silver bracelet will pair almost anything in the wardrobe. It's better to wear bracelet on the weaker hand to avoid the risk of getting the bracelet snagged or broken. For young women who love fun jewelry, colored cuff bracelet will do nicely.
Classical necklace in sterling silver or gold. The metal should go well with the other jewelry pieces from your collection. Simple chain necklace is perfect because you can wear different pendants and charms on it when you want.
A right hand ring. It doesn't matter if the woman is married or not, it's elegant and stylish to wear a nice sterling silver ring or gemstone gold ring at the right hand. Rings are available in such a variety of designs nowadays that it's easy to find at least the one perfectly matching all the things from the wardrobe and any occasion. Elegant floral design rings and simple plain bands have always been popular.
A toe ring. Summer month are the time to show all the beauty of your body and a lovely silver toe ring will attract attention to your elegant feet. Super cure sandals and matching nail polish will create the eye-catching picture.
A set of costume jewelry. Sometimes we need to look bright and "well-equipped" and not always afford buying the set of expensive precious metal jewelry. Costume jewelry looks great and saves lots of money.

This list is probably endless and it's better to stop. Any woman can create her own list of jewelry necessities and check if she has everything mentioned in her jewelry collection. If not, it's time for shopping, ladies. If you have everything and even more, you are lucky. Love your jewelry and the jewelry will help you to reach your goals and to look your best!