Orbital Piercing

Body piercing is unique way to get a modish look and draw attention to the body parts you find the most attractive. Among different piercing types available nowadays you'll definitely find (or have already found) one or several to match your lifestyle and add something special to your look. If you are interested in ear piercings, there is one interesting that is in vogue nowadays.

Orbital piercing is really cool and orbital piercing jewelry will add unique style to your outlook. Orbital piercing consists of two ear piercings connected with a single piece of jewelry. It reminds industrial piercing but the difference is in the jewelry and the distance between two punctures. Orbital piercings are connected with one ring that passes through both holes. And it means the punctures are close to each other. Orbital piercing is available in different types depending on the placement. Two piercings can be done on the lobe and then this is lobe orbital piercing. And Helix orbital piercing consists of the two punctures of the curled ridge on the outer edge of the ear. And conch orbital piercing passes through the centre of ear cartilage next to the ear canal.

Circular ring is the most common jewelry for orbital piercing. It may be a captive bead ring or a seamless ring. We know that the choice of ear piercing jewelry is striking nowadays and captive bead rings are available in titanium, gold, stainless steel, acrylic and what not. The choice of designs, colours and sizes is also huge. Most people choose orbital piercing with circular ring / horseshoe barbell that spice up the look.

The healing time and the pain of orbital piercing depend on the type you choose. If it's lobe orbital piercing, it will heal about 3-6 weeks and it will be almost painless. Conch and helix orbital piercings need about 3 months to even a year to heal. The pain in the case of these types is worse.

After the piercing it's recommended to wear two separate pieces of jewelry because wearing a single ring you may delay the healing process. And when the piercing is completely healed you can wear a single ring for perfect look.

It's important to choose trusted piercing shop and professional piercer. Visit the chosen shop beforehand, talk to the piercer, look through the portfolio and make sure everything is sterile and OK there. The choice of starter orbital piercing jewelry and recommendations on aftercare should also be discussed with the piercer.

If the healing process is too painful and you see that something goes wrong, consult your piercer or your doctor. Be careful with new piercing, clean it regularly and don't touch it unless while cleaning and only with clean hands. Anti bacterial soap should be used for cleaning of piercing area and sea salt solutions should be applied.

Orbital piercing can be done not only on the ear. Some people make experiments and lip orbital piercing and navel orbital piercing already exist. Be unique and surprising and enjoy your piercing!