Some Facts about Tragus Piercing

What piercing is a good alternative to classical earlobe piercing and acceptable in most environments? This is tragus piercing. Tragus piercing is done through the small piece of cartilage on the outside of the ear.
This type of piercing shouldn't be done with a piercing gun used for piercing earlobes and must be done with a piercing needle by a professional piercer in a trusted piercing studio. Curved needle as well as straight needle can be used- it depends on the preferences of the piercer- and makes no difference. In fresh piercings captive bead rings or post earrings are usually worn because they are good for fast healing.

It takes tragus piercing form eight to sixteen weeks to heel. Some piercers will recommend you to leave the first jewelry for a year and even more. There are many reasons for it- it's easy to bump the area while it's healing, the cartilage is healing difficulty, etc. You may even cause damage or permanent scaring if you replace the original jewelry before the piercing completely heals. Follow the piercer's instructions to prevent infections and get a good-looking piercing as soon as it's possible for tragus piercing.
Tragus piercing should be cleaned at least one time a day and it's better to do it twice. Saline solution is usually used to kill bacteria to avoid infections. Don't touch the piercing while it's healing. Wash the hands before you move the jewelry (it happens very rare) to prevent the cartilage from growing around it.
Tragus piercing is extremely popular nowadays and variety of stylish and unusual jewelry is available at the affordable prices. Search for the piece matching your lifestyle and your look and enjoy the unique beauty of your tragus piercing!