St. Valentine's Day in Different Countries

There are holidays and special days which are celebrated all over the world but traditions vary from country to country. Let's see how people celebrate the most romantic day in the year in different countries!

St. Valentines Day in Japan.

In St. Valentines Day here ladies buy chocolate for men. There are different types of chocolate for friends and loved ones. Kiri-choco is the type of chocolate bought for close relatives and friends. The chocolate called hon-mei is bought for husbands, beloved and boy friends. And on the 14th of March it's the turn of men to give chocolate in return. This day is called the White Day. And the ladies receive white chocolate as a rule.

St. Valentines Day in Germany.

As well as in other countries men in Germany give their loved ones red rose's bouquets as a symbol of their love. Children make circles of hearts for their classmates, teachers and parents. Love maps, photo collage, gift baskets and heart-shaped candies as well as other red and pink gifts are popular in Germany. Valentines Day is national festival in this country.

St. Valentines Day in India.

This Day is the most popular among youngsters. One can meet many girls and boys doing a parade on the city streets of India with romance, and the celebration goes with great excitement. Red tulips and roses, teddy bears, personalized gift baskets and photo collages are the hot gifts in India. Greeting card companies in India make about 80 crosses turn over in Valentine's Day. Coffee shops, restaurants and the lounges are full with couples. Ice-cream and chocolate candies are sold like fire. Husbands and wives exchange the jewelry gifts. Indian women consider gold ornaments as a symbol of love. In Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai the nightlife is alive on Valentines Day as never.

St. Valentines Day in Russia.

Russians celebrate Valentine's Day with vigor and high spirit. They exchange greeting cards with love messages. Cards, candies, chocolates, teddy bears with heart, perfume, roses and jewelry are the most popular gifts in Russia. Online e-cards and gifts are also widespread. Live romantic music is heard from clubs, restaurants and pubs. Many people make proposal on this Day in Russia.

We see that St. Valentine's Day differ a bit in many countries but the main traditions remain the same. It's wonderful to celebrate the Day of love and romance and give each other magnificent romantic gifts! Love and be loved!