Sterling Silver Earrings - The Choice of Celebrities

Silver jewelry makes the person look lively and vibrant. Silver is a perfect decision for the young people. It is cheaper and more available. Jewelry in silver looks classy and you can find it in numerous unique designs and shapes. Silver earrings suit almost any outfit and look great with dark colors. The contrast creating with darkish clothes and silver earrings makes an effective fashion statement. Look at celebrities- if they choose dark colors of clothes, they definitely wear silver earrings. Sandra Bullock, for example, has been seen wearing silver chandelier earrings more than once.
Silver is the metal closely linked to the moon and this connection makes silver related to imagination, magic and dreams. The moon makes magical and soft silver ripples as mirrored over the motionless sea. Silver also is believed to possess curing qualities and special powers.
Silver earrings are available in so many designs and styles nowadays that any person is sure to find her special set of earrings perfectly matching her individuality. Sterling silver earrings are practical, elegant and affordable. And their popularity is growing day by day!