Three Basic Jewelry Pieces for a Woman

Jewelry is endless interest of almost any woman. We like to wear jewelry, to buy it, to admire the jewelry of popular designers and celebrities. We need to accentuate definite parts of our body with elegant jewelry pieces and to create unique and well-looking style. There are so many jewelry pieces and types nowadays that it's impossible to wear every type at the same time. There must be a style and elegance in everything we put on and two pieces or three pieces of jewelry is enough to look attractive and not to overdo. There are three basic jewelry pieces any woman should have in her jewelry collection. Of course, there are other opinions on this question but here is the most popular and proved by designers.
Earrings is the jewelry number one for a woman. Your face is the first place people look at and even if men first study others parts of your body, the most time they will look at your face. Properly chosen earrings will frame the face and even make it look better. Your earrings and the wardrobe should have a complete look. Earrings should not only match your skin type and face type, but the occasion and lifestyle. And of course it should match other jewelry you are wearing.

earrings set
Necklace is the second piece of jewelry a woman should have in her jewelry collection. A necklace pointing out to the character and the face of a women, make her glow and shine of beauty. Matching necklace and earrings may create eye-catching and attractive look and people will definitely notice your style and good choice. By the way, necklace can be easily changed and get completely other outlook. Necklace shouldn't be too short if you have short neck and too long if your neck is really long.
925 sterling silver bracelets
Bracelet is the third piece of jewelry any woman should have in her collection. Stylish sterling silver bracelet will match almost everything. Your hands should be attractive and nice. Lovely manicure, soft hands and elegant bracelet matching the earrings and necklace will give the impression of perfect outlook and completeness.
You may buy elegant jewelry set or choose the earrings, bracelet and necklace which you'll wear with one outlook at the same time yourself. It's important that they are of the same material and colors. It's also important to have several sets to match different occasions- jewelry set for work, for formal and informal dinner, for casual wear and for activities.
Check if you have matching earrings, necklace and bracelet at least for one going out and shop for more beautiful and high quality fashionable jewelry to always feel attractive, stylish and elegant.