Toe Rins Fashion

If you want to add extra sparkle to your feet and individuality to your sandals, toe rings are what you need! A toe ring is an essential accessory for summer and spring which is a part of jewelry fashion nowadays but it has a long history.

A toe ring has been worn as a symbol of marriage by Hindu women in India for hundreds of years. There is a tradition for Hindu to wear toe rings in pairs. It wasn't allowed to wear gold jewelry below the waist for Hindu women but modern brides demand diamond and gold toe rings after marriage nowadays.

The modern way in the West is to wear a toe ring on the second toe but there are also persons who choose the third toe for the ring because it prevents the ring from damage by the shoes and shows it off better.

There are various types of toe rings- casual and elegant and you will choose the one depending on the occasion and outfit.

It's important to feel comfortable wearing a toe ring and adjustable toe rings often fit the feet best of all.

If you are going to wear a toe ring not only with sandals or barefoot, you'd better choose the ring with no stones.

The choice of the width of the ring depends on the length of your toes. A wider toe ring is nicer for longer toes, while a thinner toe ring is better for shorter toes.

Choosing the toe ring, don't forget about the pattern you like. It may be more expensive but you will surely wear it more often and really enjoy it.

Silver toe rings are less expensive that gold rings thought the last look very rich. Choose the metal for your toe ring depending on the other jewelry you wear and the colors of your shoes and clothes. A toe ring should definitely match the color of your sandals. So, gold rings look great with bronzes, browns, reds and other warm colors while silver toe rings match silver, turquoise, grey, black and other cool colors.

For standard sandals and flip-flops, any simple and classical toe ring will go. But if you are wearing strappy shoes, choose a toe ring with a sparkling stone.

It differs but a toe ring looks better worn on the top half of the toe rather than near the bottom.

If you dust a bronzing powder over the top of the toes and foot before wearing a ring and shoes, your jewelry will look really lovely.

So, choose your toe ring and enjoy its high style and the beauty of your feet!