What is a Layered Necklace

A layered necklace is made up of several strands of chains, beads or ribbons. Nowadays you will find many different styles of layered necklaces in various materials and designs. Typically layered necklaces are made of three strands and then it is called a triple layered necklace. But necklaces with two to dozens of strands are also available. Some necklaces have the strands fastened together at the ends with the clasp an others have separate necklaces which you can match and mix depending on the outfit.

costume layered necklace
Layered necklace is a type of jewelry for decoration of the neck which has been fashionable in various cultures and across many time periods. The layered necklaces began fashion revival in the US when they were featured as part of the Fall 2008 collection of Givenchy but tradition of wearing layered necklaces dates back to the first time humans strung shells on sinew. There are discoveries of multi-strand necklaces in caves of the Paleolithic age. Women in ancient Egypt wore layered necklaces made of colored clay beads. Multiple strands of pearls were popular during the Victorian era.
Variety of materials is used to make layered necklaces and lengths of chains as well as strings of beads are common. Layered necklace can have numerous strands in the same material as well as alternating strands of several different materials to show off different textures. To rich effect pendants are used in layered necklaces and large pendant can be centered on the bottom or top tiers of the necklace while many tiny pendants can be scattered through the strands.
If you possess basic jewelry making skills you can create your own layered necklace using clasps, beads and tiger tail wire. Wearing layered necklace you can refresh your wardrobe. Remember that some strands in layered necklaces look best being separated while others need the strands be twisted around each other creating a messy outlook.