Who Sets the Fashion Trends?

Modern world and life in it requires from each person who wants to achieve his goals and be successful a lot of skills, energy and the ability to change oneself and the world around according to new social requirements, scientific progress and of course fashion trends. The last are dictated by popular designers who had reached their popularity many years ago or have just appeared on the modern stage of fashion. But who wears the things created by these skillful artists and creative workers of the world of fashion? Whom do thousands and millions of people see each day? Of course they are celebrities and the practice shows that the main word goes to young and the most popular ones.

The First Pop-Star who Popularized Belly Button Piercing

Starting her carrier as a little girl and later remaining the same Britney Spears achieved the tops of her popularity at the age of 17. She was an idol for almost all female teenagers of America and over the world. Her romantic and full of life energetic songs were heard everywhere, her posters could be seen in little clubs as well as in each fourth house with children. In several years Britney suddenly became an adult woman and changed her style. A sexy provocative singer with songs of sexual context and erotic films on them- that was a new Britney and her popularity was still high. Her lifestyle influences her fans as well as her outlook does. Britney was the first pop-star who showed her pierced belly in the magazine and thousands of young girls and women followed her example. Hawaii is the place where Britney got her navel pierced. She was there together with her friend and made such a decision. Since that time Britney wore belly button rings made of gold and other cheaper materials and her fans could enjoy their favorite singer's pierced belly on TV and in numerous magazines. After Britney found out about her pregnancy she decided not to use special pregnancy navel rings and let her piercing opening close. But after the birth of the baby Britney got re-pierced and the first new ring put into her belly was a white gold belly button ring with a blue topaz. She was not the only one but being on the top of hit lists, always on TV and in the most readable magazines Britney had a great influence on the crowds of her fans and people who just like to follow new fashionable trends.

Talented and Attractive Celebrities with Belly Button Piercing

The first woman who showed her pierced navel and started the trend of belly button piercing was an amazing model Christy Turlington. The other popular models with pierced navel are Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton.
Paris Hilton belly button barbell
In the world of movies extremely attractive Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Keira Knightly wear belly button rings in their navel.
Linday Lohan belly button piercing

Such world known singers as Madonna, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, Geri Halliwell, Gwen Stefany have pierced belly.
Beyonce Knowles belly button ring
All of them constantly show their magnificent bodies with beautiful jewelry in them and each time we see a new amazing stylish belly button ring which shows us what is fashionable now. Why not to follow the example of successful women and go step in step with the fashion? It's up to you to decide!