Why do we still wear watches

Watches have been essential part of human's life for many years but do we need them nowadays in the world of cell phones and computers? The answer is Yes. We still wear watch and there are lots of reasons for it.
Usually a watch serves not only the time purposes but some beyond what it was intentionally designed to. Many people need countdown timer and chronograph to run fitness course, to exercise and do jogging. The watch in this situation is some kind of stimulant to improve your time.
Men need wearing watch in the military because they have to be at the right place at the appointed time- second in second. If they fail, it results in punishment and that was a real reason not to forget wearing a watch.
Watches worn on the right or left wrist help us to find out what time is it now quickly and be always on time at different places.
For many people wearing a watch has become a good habit. They just can't do without their loved timepiece on the wrist.

Lately for many people a watch has become not a useful thing and a tool but a stylish accessory. Men and women wear watches from famous designers as well as middle-high watches to underline the beauty of their hands, to show their style, to complete the outlook and to add a hint of classical elegance to the style.
Averaged priced watch brands are Citizens, Fossil and Timex. Movado and Rolex are luxury watch brands and wearing such watch can become a family tradition.
I won't call wearing a watch a retro-style because nowadays there are still too many people who enjoy wearing a simple or a luxury watch and they always will be.