Women and Jewelry

Many people of different epochs and cultures, ages and countries have asked one and the same question many times: Why do women like jewelry so much? Let's go back to the beginning of human's life on the earth. Women were gatherers and they need to develop such skills that involved distinguishing bad things from bad things and getting along with others. It was the time when women began to appreciate things of beauty and value them.
In ancient times and during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and almost till our days women receive jewelry as a gift from their men and demise all this jewelry to their daughters. Jewelry was passed from generation to generation in many families and this tradition of jewelry receiving is the genes of modern women as well.

Men, from the other hand, also enjoys giving jewelry as a gift to his loved one as the price and the kind of the jewelry he gives, represents him as a rich, secure and generous person.
Television and magazines also play their role in advertising the image of a successful woman who necessarily wears modern designed jewelry in precious metals.
All in all, women wear and love their jewelry and they need to take care for it. The one most widespread problem about jewelry is how to organize it. And if you or your close people need help in organizing the jewelry, here are some pieces of advice.
First of all, you should gather all your jewelry, each piece of jewelry you have. Separate each type (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and anklets). Put the necklaces straight on top of each other to avoid tangling. Lay all rings in a tidy pile, etc.
If you don't have special designed jewelry box, take a box, tray or container. You can stick the earrings through earring tote or just hang them from the top of the container. Place larger necklaces on the bottom of the container and the delicate and tiny ones above them. You need separate small container for bracelets where you put them in the same order as necklaces- larger on the bottom and smaller on the top. Rings can be stored in a little cute container or can be laid on a tray. You can store anklets with the bracelets.
You should remember that sterling silver jewelry should be stored separately from yellow and white gold jewelry. Expensive diamond jewelry can be easily crushed with other jewelry pieces and therefore it needs the separate storage space. As flowers, various gemstones can or can't live next to others and you should take it in consideration. Take your jewelry away from water except the time of cleaning. And don't forget to clean your jewelry to make it shine longer.